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How to deal with failure effectively: Should you punish or forgive yourself?

Posted on April 2 2015 by frank

The Problem: When we fail, we often punish ourselves for our slacking. But is this effective? What Science Says: Actually, forgiving ourselves might be the strategy that leads into better results in the future. Take-Home Message: The 3 key elements for dealing effectively with failure. When we fail at something, the natural reaction for most […]

Competitiveness paradox in Finland – an opportunity for investors, companies and entrepreneurs

Posted on October 8 2014 by frank

[This article is co-authored with Jukka Luoma. It was originally published in Helsinki Times on 25th of September 2014.] Recently, the World Economic Forum ranked Finland as the most competitive economy of Europe. In an opinion piece published in the Financial Times on June 23rd, the chief executive of Finnish chamber of commerce, Risto Penttilä, […]

Revealed By Science: The 4 Elements Of Holy Grail That Jay-Z And Justin Timberlake Are Searching After

Posted on November 17 2013 by frank

In radio right now: “And baby, it’s amazing I’m in this maze with you. I just can’t crack your code.” Don’t worry, Mr. Timberlake, I am here to crack the code for you. You just need to do what MC Hammer did: become a bit more geeky! You curse my name In spite to put […]

Willpower: The Owner’s Manual

Posted on October 22 2013 by frank

Why is Barack Obama only wearing gray or blue suits? Why did Stanley, while searching for Doctor Livingstone in the darkest Africa and haunted by malaria, mosquitoes, diseases, and beasts, still insist on shaving every single morning? Both of them had intuitively taken into use one of the tools to improve willpower that the latest […]

Philosophy simplified – Explaining what philosophy is the ‘up-goer five’ way

Posted on February 18 2013 by frank

Ever tried to explain what you do for a living for a four-year-old? I can tell you that “Daddy is a philosopher” is not the most informative answer. Inspired by a xkcd comic, there has been a recent trend of trying to explain scientific disciplines and other complicated stuff like paleomagnetism by using only the […]

The four ultimate elements of motivation: How to get the best out of you and others? (And how robots will save the world)

Posted on July 2 2012 by frank

What motivates you? Ultimately. We are motivated by many issues: by fame, friendship, food, and football. But what is the structure of human motivation in general? What are the basic elements of the things that make us move? Understanding what pulls your strings makes you more capable of manipulating them yourself, being in charge of […]

Are household duties ruining your relationship? The solution: Do more than your partner!

Posted on April 29 2012 by frank

Two persons move together. Love is in the air. But in addition to all the romantic cuddling on the couch, this means that from now on, they are sharing the household duties. No problem, they are a modern couple and decide to share them equally. Both hate doing them, so this way of distributing them […]

Being individualistic and altruistic at the same time. The story of Jack Casey the firefighter.

Posted on March 16 2012 by frank

Have you ever swam through icy waters fully clothed and without a life jacket to drag to the shore an unconscious woman who you never met before? Jack Casey has. In the course of two years he responded as a volunteer to more than five hundred emergency calls ending up saving people from burning buildings […]

Meaning of life revealed: It’s about others

Posted on March 9 2012 by frank

Ok, let’s have a take on this age-old mystery. The answer is in fact quite simple. The meaning of life is to make oneself meaningful to other people. It’s about making a positive contribution in the lives of those people one holds dear. Why? I’ll tell you why. To start with, we need to focus […]

What brand of individualism are you wearing? The original noble individualism, the watered down consumer individualism or the new alternative: compassionate individualism?

Posted on February 21 2012 by frank

Modern western societies have been characterized by individualism. It is said that no other time or place has seen such a strong form of cultural individualism than what we are experiencing right now. But what does this individualism mean? And have we actually forsaken the liberating promises that this individualism originally held for us? Modern […]