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Self-control through greater cause: Martin Luther’s solution for not eating the marshmallow

Posted on February 1 2012 by frank

“Here stand I, I cannot otherwise!” Threatened with excommunication Martin Luther stood in front of the Emperor Charles V and the Holy Roman Empire and was asked to take back his interpretation of scriptures because they defied the power of the pope. Martin requested some time to think, prayed, consulted a few friends and gave […]

Want happiness? Make those around you happy! 5 reasons why this is the best strategy.

Posted on January 25 2012 by frank

Take whatever book or article that reports the results of recent scientific research on happiness. One conclusion they have in common is that social relationships are what make people happy or unhappy. Here’s Daniel Gilbert, professor of psychology at Harvard, for example: “If I had to summarize all the scientific literature on the causes of […]

Birth of a child – or when you expand from an individual into a duovidual

Posted on January 16 2012 by frank

I haven’t updated this blog for a while because I was fully absorbed in one of the greatest miracles of my own personal life: The birth of my first child! To keep up with the philosophical intentions of this blog I will resist the temptation to proclaim to everyone how wonderful event this was, how […]

What are the ways that a life can be good? There are three of them

Posted on December 23 2011 by frank

What makes a life good? The question is quite broad, we can admit that. One might answer by listing nice things; a cappuccino at a pleasant café on a Sunday afternoon, a gathering of good friends at the summer cottage and so forth. But there is also a deeper question: What do we mean by […]

4 reasons why you should believe that dreams come true – and 3 reasons why you should not

Posted on December 19 2011 by frank

I wrote a sentence in my last post that started to haunt me. The sentence was: ‘Most of the dreams we are really committed to work for are actually achievable.’ Do I really believe it to be true? Isn’t that something that all those cheap happy-happy-self-help-gurus proclaim with their false smiles? On the other hand, […]

How is your bucket list doing? Want to know what are the 20 items I want to do before I die?

Posted on December 13 2011 by frank

What are the most awesome things that you definitely want to do before you finally ‘hit the bucket’? Answering this question right now can be a revealing or even life-changing experience. I’ll tell you why and then you’ll have an exclusive look at the 20 items that ended up on my own personal bucket list. […]

Jumping on a grenade: To become a hero you have to think beyond self-interest

Posted on December 5 2011 by frank

19th December 1941 Sergeant-Major John Robert Osborn showcased the ultimate limits of human heroism As his group became divided from the main battalion in the hills of Hong Kong and had to withdraw against an overwhelming enemy he stayed behind to single-handedly engage the enemy while others ran to safety. After joining the others they […]

What is the most fundamental question in life? Hint: It is not about meaning of life or about what exists fundamentally

Posted on November 30 2011 by frank

Have you ever wondered what is the most fundamental question for you or for any human being? There are a few candidates but in the end only one stands a closer scrutiny. The nominees that come most readily in mind are the classic questions about the origin of the world, about what exists fundamentally and […]

Why fearless living is an attitude and what does it have to do with taxis that lack safety belts?

Posted on November 18 2011 by frank

The American couple Eve and John had just settled into the unstable northern Uganda and were invited to a dinner in their friends house. Suddenly, a huge blast penetrated the night and made everybody jump up and drop their forks. Eve got scared but everyone else seemed to be very nonchalant about the event. Their […]

Are you living for yourself or just for the image of yourself?

Posted on November 10 2011 by frank

You know the frustration when you overcome your fear, manage to do a great performance – and then your friend tells you: “Oh sorry, the camera malfunctioned and I didn’t get any pictures!” Me too. And that means that we are the victims of our modern culture that emphasizes images instead of actual living. I […]