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Paradoksi hämmensi filosofin: Parempi elämä ei olekaan hyvää elämää

Posted on January 2 2013 by frank

Lähes päivittäin kävelen Kolmannella linjalla sijaitsevan Good Life Coffeen ohitse. Jotenkin nimi aina särähtää. Onko hyvä elämä tosiaan sitä, että juo vain aeropress-keittimellä valmistettua pienpaahtimokahvia? Kysymys hyvästä elämästä on ihmiselämän perimmäisin kysymys. ‘Hyvä elämä’ on ilmaisu, jota filosofi käyttää harvoin ja vain painavista syistä. Ehkä Sokrates eli hyvän elämän. Tai Gandhi. Tai Nelson Mandela. Mutta […]

What are the ways that a life can be good? There are three of them

Posted on December 23 2011 by frank

What makes a life good? The question is quite broad, we can admit that. One might answer by listing nice things; a cappuccino at a pleasant café on a Sunday afternoon, a gathering of good friends at the summer cottage and so forth. But there is also a deeper question: What do we mean by […]

What is the most fundamental question in life? Hint: It is not about meaning of life or about what exists fundamentally

Posted on November 30 2011 by frank

Have you ever wondered what is the most fundamental question for you or for any human being? There are a few candidates but in the end only one stands a closer scrutiny. The nominees that come most readily in mind are the classic questions about the origin of the world, about what exists fundamentally and […]

Why are you sweating your ass off in work when you could be fishing right now?

Posted on October 13 2011 by frank

Have you heard the famous story about a Harvard business graduate and a poor fisherman? If not, start by reading it. Because already twice this trip I have felt that I’ve met a living example from that story. Yesterday, finding myself in the home of a twenty-something fisherman on the small coral island of Caye […]

The classic story about a Harvard business graduate and a poor Mexican fisherman

Posted on October 13 2011 by frank

On his well-earned holiday, a Harvard business graduate watched how a small fishing boat approached the harbor in a small coastal Mexican village. It was still late morning but the boat was full of fish so he asked how long time did it take to catch them? “A few hours.” “And what are you going […]

Facing death is a wake-up call to live your life to the fullest: The most important legacy of Steve Jobs

Posted on October 6 2011 by frank

At first sight death seems to be the opposite of good life – it is quite literally the end of it. But philosophers throughout the times have known that by acknowledging one’s own mortality one is able to rid oneself of the trivialities of everyday life and chains of conventionality to live a more authentic, […]

Religion as hope – visiting a youth gathering in the poor neighborhoods of San José

Posted on September 3 2011 by frank

At four thirty on a Saturday evening I am waiting in the Park Morazán as agreed. Soon somebody calls my name and I step into a car quite unaware of our destination. We drive away from the center of San José, into one of its slums. There among the simple houses is one with the […]

Leaving home and learning to appreciate what we have

Posted on August 26 2011 by frank

The hardest part of a journey is usually the start. This is true in two senses of the word: Firstly, there are always so many excuses not to travel – the lack of money, risks ahead, study, work or family commitments and so forth – that many people never leave their home. These are obstacles […]

The beginning of a journey

Posted on August 19 2011 by frank

Sometimes a man has to go. Sometimes a man needs a purpose to go. I am going to Central America, to Costa Rica and Nicaragua. The purpose of my journey is to learn more about the local culture, the way they live their lives and the way they think about vital issues such as happiness, […]